CAAELP Training Modules are live!
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CAAELP Training Modules are live!

Dec 15, 2023

The required Connecticut Alternate Assessment of English Language Proficiency (CAAELP) training modules are now live at ELPA 21.  

ELPA21 provides self-paced training modules for individuals assigned to administer the CAAELP assessment, also known as Alt ELPA. These modules are updated annually, and educators administering the CAAELP are required to take this training each year. 

The Alt ELPA Test Administrator Training takes approximately 90 minutes and provides specific information needed prior to administering the CAAELP to eligible English learners/Multilingual learners (Els/MLs) with the most significant cognitive disabilities in Grades K-12. Training participants must also be assigned the TEA user role in TIDE.  

TEAs responsible for CAAELP administration must complete training and pass the associated quiz prior to administering the assessment.  All training will provide test administrators with the most current and specific information needed to ensure students receive a fair assessment with reliable results. 

ELACs may access the Alt ELPA Test Coordinator Training also available on ELPA 21

Educators who are designated to administer the CAAELP are determined by the district. These educators should be familiar with the student through regular instruction, peripherals, or other service areas such as English language development. Districts may determine the educator designated to administer the CAAELP as: 

  • educators or administrators supporting ELs/MLs; 
  • educators who are special education; or 
  • both special education and EL/ML educators or administrators supporting EL/ML. 

TEAs and ELACs taking this training need to be aware that this training has been developed by ELPA 21, and that some policies and procedures may not mirror those of Connecticut. Teams should participate in a thorough review of the Connecticut-specific CAAELP resources to them as part of this training process. Specifically, the CAAELP Accessibility and Accommodations Manual, CAAELP Test Administration Manual, and the Connecticut Alternate Assessment System Early Stopping Rule. 

Instructions on how to access these online training modules are included on the CAAELP Resources portal page. Listed below are recommended resources for the CAAELP Training modules as well as directions for accessing the online training.