2022-2023 Secure Browser Now Available
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2022-2023 Secure Browser Now Available

Aug 10, 2022

The updated 2022-2023 Secure Browser and installation materials are now available for download on the Connecticut Assessment Program portal. The current Secure Browser version will be retired and rendered inoperable in late August 2022.

For 2022-23, the Technology Resource page will host all technical documentation directly within the portal in the Technology Guide. This makes technical documentation easy to navigate, more accessible, and fully searchable.  Documents will not require downloading, and this new format allows for easy updating throughout the school year when necessary. The information in the Technology Guide can also be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

Updates for 2022-23 include minimum supported versions for all operating systems, supported browsers, and new URLs added to the network configuration allow list.

For Chrome OS users, Cambium Assessment Incorporated (CAI) is pleased to announce that we have worked with Google to improve and simplify the management of Chrome OS devices to provide a more stable testing platform for school districts. For 2022-23, Chrome OS devices will be supported by the new Long-Term Support Candidate (LTC) and Long-Term Support (LTS) channels offered by Google. Unlike the Beta and Stable channels’ six-week release cadence, these new channels only update twice per year. Prior to the interim and summative administrations, it is recommended that Chrome OS devices used for secure student testing be on the LTC or LTS channel to take advantage of these benefits.